Tuesday, March 2, 2010



In October 2009, i came to fantsuam academy to start my certificate course. And also as the first time to start a computer course. Been the first time to attend such course, it was not easier for me because i initially thought that computer was all about listening to music, watching movies, playing games and browsing. With the help of fantsuam academy and Mr. Saidu Gambo as instructor, gave the courage and motivate me on the course. Until i got to understand that computer is beyond my imagination. From then i started getting the basic knowledge about a computer, which include the component of a computer, the uses of computer in our present generation and how to work with the computer. After that, i developed interest in it, and so i planned to attend a diploma course so that i will be advance in computer.


In November, 2009 i started my diploma course which lasted for 14 weeks with Mr. Ayo Oguntoye as instructor. Having gotten the knowledge in certificate i did not find it difficult in diploma, but i put more interest to see that i get advance knowledge of it. Now in diploma i got to understand that can type and print letters, record data, creating of budget, create images, and also gotten the secret of the media house with the help of power point, and also how to display text in an animated form. Coming back to internet as a module i get to realize that the more advance, the more computer is getting advance. Because in internet i got to know how you can communicate to friends, family and even how to reach to people in different part of the world, how you can even buy and sell online and the great experience is the system in which you can get a course of your choice and study online without even being in the school. So with knowledge i have gotten in computer things are now easier for me because some of my solutions are found with the help of the online communities.So i say a very big thanks to fantsuam academy and all it staff. Hope to join the ITE, CISCO and Web design course.

Now i can create my blog, join facebook,fantsuamacedemy ning and other online communities and even news group. Also open an e-mail with different mail server.

With the knowledge i have gotten so far, now i can work in some organization like computer schools as an instructor, in business center, in a bank,in hotel as a receptionist, etc. And with a program i have attended known as Gaiya, i can voluntarily work in some places. A great achievement is that i can be counted among the computer literate in any where i find myself.

Thursday, February 18, 2010